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NEW SERMON SERIES:   January 27th through February 17th


 In 2016, Discipleship Ministries began launching materials around the theme "See All the People".  This message of reaching people and expanding the church into the community then began to bear fruit as churches began launching campaigns to strengthen their own disciple-making systems.  As we began preparation for this series, we noticed that one element seemed apparent throughout all the scriptural narratives:  people who were always present around Jesus because of his preaching, teaching and healing.  Jesus truly saw all the people; and as a result, the people were always with him.  As the church makes connections in the community to bring people to know Christ, we should do well to make note of the way Jesus responded to the crowds.

Throughout this series, we find a comprehensive way to make connections with our communities:  discover our spiritual gifts, understand our need for one another and the love of God, and know that wherever Jesus goes, a crowd is sure to follow.  The question is:  "Are our churches ready to go and meet the crowds as we 'see all the people'?"



LENT WORSHIP SERIES:  March 10th through April 7th

Rehab is a word that can refer to many different things.  In general, the word rehabilitate means to restore to a condition of good health, ability to work; to restore to good condition or operation; or to restore a person's reputation.  Similarly, the annual observance of the Lenten discipline among Christians is a time to seek restoration for our lives.  It is a time to reflect, take stock of our spiritual condition, and realign our lives.  As we contemplate the method of Lent, even the spiritually mature among us become aware of how out of step we are with where we are called to be.  We all have work to do.  There is much to mine from considering our Lenten journey this year within the frame of rehab, much to explore, much to learn.  But the core of the learning in rehab, like the core of the learning in Lent, isn't cognitive.  It's behavioral.  In rehab, we learn how to live differently, to set a "new normal" for ourselves and our relationships after a period of time or perhaps a crisis has made it clear to us it is impossible to live as we had before.

Our goal for all who engage this period of time is that the way of Jesus becomes either the "new normal," or, for those who have been consistent in the journey over time, is strengthened as our normal.

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